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Competition Details: The Team

Tom Kazas - Competition Coordinator |  @tomkazas

Tom is a composer, record producer, film maker, broadcast operator and reader of the humanities. He came to early international prominence in the mid 1980s with his rock group, The Moffs. His varied career has seen him release stylistically diverse music from the experimental to the traditional, both vocal and instrumental. He has composed for theatre, produced music for local and international artists, and has performed in Australia, Greece and the USA. He has made several music videos and short films, including the sixteen minute cinema poem 'The Topologist', in both English and Greek versions. He has a renewed interest in writing, culture and politics, and attempts to interpret the operations of philosophy.


Dennis Tritaris - Design, Promotion and Social Media services |  @DionysiTritaris

Dennis has over 15 years experience in public relations within corporate and consulting roles across a wide range of industries.

Dennis started his corporate career with his involvement in the Olympic Games of Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004). He holds a Master of Management in Sport Management Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. In 2004 Dennis started his own business as a Freelance Web Designer. Orama Communications offers a wide range of services from Web Design to Social Media consultation and Multimedia production.

Dennis served as Secretary and PR coordinator of the International Organising Committee - AUSTRALIA - For the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles (September 2009 - January 2014) and was the coordinator of the 2nd International Colloquy "Parthenon: An Icon of Global Citizenship" that was held in Sydney in November 2013.

Keri Douglas - Project Coordinator | USA |  @keridouglas

Keri Douglas is the founder of 9 Muses News (@9musesnews). She writes on new trends in the arts, business and innovations. In addition, she is a strategic communications and partnership development expert working with clients advance their goals. Previously, she was the first press secretary at the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C., an assistant to the Director of Voice of America and a writer at the White House for two presidents.


Nikos Chatziandreou - Project Coordinator | Europe |  @nchatziandreou

Nikolaos Chatziandreou is a postdoctoral scientist with research experience at top universities in the UK and the USA. He has additional education in cultural resource management and a strong interest in projects about cultural heritage. He is the author of (, @AcropolisAthens), a web-based initiative for the reunification of the Acropolis sculptures, and has performed an academic study on the economic dimension of the issue.


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This writing competition, initiated by Tom Kazas, is the result of a team effort by a number of activists who met and discussed the possibilities for action following the 2013 Sydney International Colloquy. More info...

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