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Simon Critchley

Simon Critchley is Hans Jonas Professor at the New School for Social Research. His books include Very Little…Almost Nothing, Infinitely Demanding, The Book of Dead Philosophers, The Faith of the Faithless, The Mattering of Matter. Documents from the Archive of the International Necronautical Society (with Tom McCarthy) and Stay, Illusion! The Hamlet Doctrine (with Jamieson Webster).

An experimental new work, Memory Theatre, and a book called Bowie were both published in 2014 and a book on suicide is forthcoming. He is moderator of ‘The Stone’, a philosophy column in The New York Times, to which he is a frequent contributor.

Tom Flynn

Dr Tom Flynn FRICS is a London-based art historian, critic and specialist on art and business. He has written on the art market, contemporary art, museums and art crime for a broad range of international publications including the Art Newspaper, Art & Auction, Art Review, Apollo, Art News, Museums Journal, The Spectator, and many others.

He is director of the postgraduate Masters course in Art Appraisal (Professional Practice) at Kingston University, London and also teaches at Christie's Masters course in Art & Business; at the London-based Masters courses in Art & Business run by the Institut des Études Supérieures des Arts (IESA) in Paris; and on the Postgraduate Certificate in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection run by the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art (ARCA) in Amelia, Umbria.

Stephanie Giannis

Stephanie Giannis is a speaker, coach, author and educator.

She is the author of three books: “Fragments of Truth”, “Envision the Vision...You” and “The Alpha and The Omega”. Stephanie has also produced a number of motivational CDs and DVDs.

Stephanie is a registered solicitor and she has been featured both newspapers and on the radio. Stephanie has spoken to both small and large groups on topics such as personal development and goal-setting.

Soti Triantafillou

Soti Triantafillou attended English-Hellenic Elementary School and graduated from French-Hellenic High School. Her further education includes: Diplôme d'Etudes de Lettres et Civilisation Françaises, Université de Nice, Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Nice, France (1979), Bachelor of Science; Faculty of Pharmacology, University of Athens, Athens, Greece (1980), Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (DEA), Faculty of History and Civilizations, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris (with professor Marc Ferro), France (1981), PhD, American History and Civilization, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris (thesis on "The Image of the U.S. Through the Hollywood Comedy 1946-1960" with Professor Marc Ferro), France (1984), PhD, History of American Cities, NYU (Thesis "Los Angeles, California and Athens, Greece: Urban Patterns" with professor Jean Heffer) (1989).

Soti Triantafillou speaks five languages (English, Greek, French, Italian and German). She worked as professor of history and film studies at the Hellenic Film School, (1985-2000) and she was a visiting lecturer at the Aegean University, Faculty of geography / faculty of history / faculty of urbanism, Mytilene, Greece (2004-2007). Her academic work includes the project "The Image of Los Angeles in the Movies" (with Professor Jean Heffer) for the Centre d'Etudes Nord-Américaines, Paris, France (1984-1985). Her 10th novel, "Rare Earths," was released in October of 2013.



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This writing competition, initiated by Tom Kazas, is the result of a team effort by a number of activists who met and discussed the possibilities for action following the 2013 Sydney International Colloquy. More info...

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