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Terms & Conditions


  • To promote the campaign for the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures to the Acropolis Museum
  • To engage in an artistic response to the current impasse in this campaign
  • To develop further insight into the meaning of the reunited Parthenon Sculptures




 “Day” refers to the single day that is publicly celebrated for the return of the sculptures. However, ‘day’ can also be the single days immediately before or after this homecoming ceremony, for example - the day they leave London or arrive in Athens, or the days of their unpacking at the Acropolis Museum, or the days following the celebrations. Notwithstanding this slightly stretched temporal scope, the prime narrative event remains as the day that is publicly celebrated.



“They” refers to the Parthenon Sculptures: the Frieze, the Metopes and Pediments which belong to the building of the Parthenon. They are currently held in the British Museum in London.


Of course, there are many other items from the Acropolis Hill that are not part of the Parthenon, such as a Karyatid from the Erectheum, which are also held in the British Museum. Indeed, there are many sculptures from the Parthenon and from the Acropolis that are held elsewhere in the world, such as the Louvre in Paris, and the University of Wurtzburg, Germany. Although many of these sculptures also deserve to come home, the focus of this competition is on the Parthenon Sculptures from the Parthenon building. We believe that nothing can detract from the exceptional importance of the Parthenon as a singular artwork, as an emblem, and as a unique case.



“Came” intends to include writing from any place in the world, rather than being limited to an Athenian perspective. This position understands that the sculptures belong in their home, and that this ‘home coming’ is for all of us.



“Home” is the Acropolis Museum in Athens, especially designed and built to house sculptures from the Acropolis. The importance of this home becomes even more apparent when considering the Parthenon Frieze: how its correct viewing orientation is recreated, how the natural light floods the gallery, and how one can also view the Parthenon on the Acropolis hill at the same time. Although ‘Home’ is often a complex idea, in this case it need not be so, for there is a clear and obvious place awaiting the embodiment of the sculptures.



  • The stories must promote the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures in the Acropolis Museum.
  • The stories must show a depth of insight into the meaning of ‘The Day They Came Home’.
  • The stories must display an ability to bypass the current polemical arguments of reunification and focus on the competition theme of ‘The Day They Came Home’.
  • The stories must address the new contexts of the reunified sculptures in Athens.



  1. All entries must support the reunification of the Parthenon sculptures to Athens.
  2. Submit an original single-authored short story in English of between 2000 and 2500 word
  3.  Entries must be submitted as a Word document, typed at 1.5 line spacing, in Arial font, at 12 pt font size. The pages of stories should be numbered.
  4. Previously published stories will not be accepted. Entries must not be on offer to any other publishers or prizes.
  5. Entries will be judged anonymously. Each entry must be accompanied by the entry form. The author's name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript.
  6. Multiple entries are acceptable, but a separate entry form must accompany each story.
  7. The competition is free to enter.
  8. This competition is open to all, except anyone associated with this project and their families.
  9. The closing date is (TBC). Late entries will not be accepted.
  10. The author retains full copyright of the work.
  11. The decision of the judges shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  12. Entrants will be notifed by email of the safe receipt of their entries, and of the final decision.
  13. The results of the competition will be publicly announced via the website and by email to the winners.
  14. The competition organizers reserve the right not to award a prize.


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This writing competition, initiated by Tom Kazas, is the result of a team effort by a number of activists who met and discussed the possibilities for action following the 2013 Sydney International Colloquy. More info...

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